Paths to success in the creative industry as a person of colour. Specifically TV, film, books, and other media.


Bruce Reynolds speaks with LA-based TV producer and filmmaker Carlton Jordan and fiction writer and media producer Jason Michael Primrose on how they broke through as men of colour in the creative industry, specifically TV, film, books, and other media.

TV producer and filmmaker Carlton Jordan is the creator of Poz Roz and Co-Creator Of Love Handles. A Howard University graduate, he is a veteran unscripted tv producer with over 15 years of experience working on projects with Paris Jackson, Issa Rae, and Huda Kattan. Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina. Carlton is inspired to tell stories around marginalized communities and people in coming-of-age projects that explore change and growth.

Writer Jason Michael Primrose has been creating alternate worlds and characters since childhood. His creation Zosma is the first in the series The Lost Children of Andromeda. Inspired by his personal journey of self-discovery, Jason Primrose has created a world in which even superhumans are challenged by the effects of greed, fear, and natural disasters. For nearly ten years, Jason has used his unique storytelling gift to impact the entertainment, fashion, and tech consumer product industries. His experience spans brand strategy, creative direction, retail merchandising, and influencer/celebrity partnerships.

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